How to apply for a personal loan?

How to apply for a personal loan?

Characteristics of a Personal Loan


The personal loan is characterized by: – ​​Freedom of assignment: unlike other loans, the latter allows the buyer to buy the asset of his choice or to combine his credits without any obligation to justify it to the bank or the bank. financial institution. However, you can get better conditions by motivating your needs.
– A fixed rate: a fixed rate is established. In general, it is quite low and more attractive than a conventional consumer credit. The advantage is that the monthly payments will be identical throughout the duration of the loan. So you can anticipate the cost.
– A free amount: the amount of your credit is not taxed. Nevertheless, the protection of the consumer is greater up to the sum of € 21500, in particular on the right of retraction, the conditions of prepayment … It is therefore better to use it for sums less than or equal to this ceiling .

Methods to Get Personal Credit Online

Before taking out a credit offer, several simulations are required to compare conditions and rates. Online simulators These are offered by brokerage companies or credit institutions. After specifying the amount you want, you will get proposals for rates and duration. Warning ! The rate to be taken into consideration is the TEG (Global Staff Rate), which also takes account of administrative fees or insurance. By typing “personal loan comparator” on a search engine, you will have many addresses. You perform a simulation, and if an offer interests you, you make a request. If your file is accepted, it will be necessary to send the contract and the supporting documents. Banks and financial institutions You can also go directly to the site. Useful solution if you want to negotiate a competitor’s offer or convince your usual bank to lend you the money. Whatever your choice, be sure to check all the conditions: TEG (usually between 3.5 and 9%), duration, withdrawal period, prepayment etc. Often financial institutions make ad effects that do not reflect the real cost of credit. Be vigilant and take all factors into consideration.