A payday alternative for your salary or benefit

Is your salary or benefit not paid yet and can you not wait for your payday? At 45Cash you can request a mini loan for a short period. We provide mini loans from € 50 to € 1000 for 15 or 30 days. The advantage of borrowing money from 45Cash is that the mini loan can easily be requested online. You can also specify which amount you want to borrow and when you pay it back. This way 45Cash allows multiple payment dates in a month!

Is a mini loan for me?

A mini-loan can be very useful if you need extra money. Even if you do not have any money at the moment, because your salary has not yet been paid or the UWV is late with the payment of the unemployment benefits, a mini loan is a godsend. Everyone from 21 years with a minimum net monthly income of 900 euros is eligible for a mini loan at 45Cash.

How do I apply for a mini-loan?

A mini loan can easily be requested online or by SMS. When you first request from us, this must always be done via our website. Using the slider you can easily indicate which amount you want to borrow for 15 or 30 days. Then complete the application form. We will keep you informed via SMS and e-mail during the processing.
With payday is usually meant the day on which people receive their income. This can concern the salary, a benefit, such as unemployment benefit or pension. In the Netherlands, the average payday is around the 24th of each month. When you suddenly need money earlier, borrowing money can be a good alternative.

Borrow responsibly and reliably

45Cash is the only mini loan provider with a banking license. We believe it is important that our customers can safely and satisfactorily use our services. A consciously chosen loan can offer a solution if you need extra money in the short term, but you have to ask yourself whether the loan fits within your budget. Can you repay this when your salary comes in and do you still have enough money available? Only then is the choice justified and well considered. This way you can continue to use our service to our full satisfaction.

Borrow the benefits of quick money


45Cash is the only emergency loan provider with a banking license
Well judged on Ekomi; more than 93% of the assessments are positive
You decide how quickly the mini loan is deposited on your account.
With 45Cash it is payday every day
Requests are free of charge, without obligation and cancellation is simple (free)
No guarantee required, no offers or adviser who calls
Choice of flexibility in service, all directly online
6 days a week (locally) accessible via telephone & e-mail